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Areas of Practice



Owning property can be complicated. Waypoint knows how to navigate real estate transactions, title issues, easement disputes, and many other questions that can arise when you own residential or commercial property.



Demystifying estate planning is a delicate practice that requires finesse, strategic structuring, and most importantly, knowing your clients. At the end of the day, individualized estate plans are profoundly personal. Waypoint strives to provide you a personalized experience tailored to your wishes and based in modern estate planning practice.


Leasing property is a wonderful way to gain equity and provide extra income. Unfortunately, landlord-tenant issues can be sticky. State law provides specific rights for landlords and tenants. Waypoint has the knowledge and experience to help establish the rights of both landlords and tenants and protect you from lease review through termination of tenancy.  


Very few people are prepared to handle a loved one's estate without assistance. Waypoint understands the probate process and guides you through the complex and time sensitive legal requirements with knowledge, experience, and compassion.



Waypoint works with you at every turn to reach a resolution that is in your best interest. Sometimes issues just cannot be resolved without going to court. If a matter requires litigation, Waypoint is equipped to handle the matter with skill and expertise whether clients face eviction, easement dispute, complex trust contest, or other civil litigation case.  


Waypoint knows the value of conserving lands for the future. Waypoint is equipped to represent both land conservation groups and individuals planning to gift property, grant conservation easements, or integrate conservation grants into their estate plans.